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About Us

SANCHIE focus on CNC woodworking machinery with 3 axis 4 axis 5 axis, providing functions nesting, cutting, drilling, grooving, boring, milling, carving, planing, engraving and so on. We make machines long for last, keep developing new products to satisfy changing industry demands, customize machines for special product demands, providing advanced  intelligent equipment; combined with the customer’s customized needs to provide a total solution to create new field value, to enhance the overall competitive advantage.

Provide last for long CNC machining centers, solutions for furniture factory, customize machine for non-metal machining demand.

Furniture is a typical multi-demands industry. There are new factories less than 10 people. There are huge companies with several lights-out factories. There are renovation contractors. Different factories have different demands on quality and efficiency. We focus on quality and efficiency, and provide reliable CNC machines.

Be reliable CNC woodworking machine solution supplier.

SANCHIE is found to build CNC woodworking machining centers that offer high-performance, precision, and flexibility for wood panel processing. We help our customers save time and material, optimize their production, and create quality products with our innovative and integrated solutions.

Product Customization

We provide CNC nesting machine, CNC drilling machine, and CNC machining center 5 axis with high precision and high productivity. If the standard machine does not fit your demand, we can also customize machine for you.

CNC Router 1325 ATC
8/12 Places Rack Magazine, 9KW HSD Spindle, Linear Rail & Helical Rack
CNC Nesting Machine C49-II
4X9 Feet, Two Working Tables, Syntec Bus Control System
CNC Machining Center SC510
5X10 Feet, High Rigidity Machine Body, Servo Motor with Absolute Encoder
CNC Nesting Machining Center C79-L
7X9 Feet, Auto Loading & Unloading, Label Printing

5 Axis CNC Machining Center S5-II

Mass production for non-metal material complicated working

CNC Drilling Machining Center DL-9006
Cabinet Door Vertical & Horizontal Drilling, Boring, Grooving
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